Snowy couples shoot, The Royal Crescent, Bath


Saturday morning, and the sun is making the whole of Bath sparkle as it shines down on the crisp white snow. I grab my camera and head to the iconic Royal Crescent. Thats when I met newly engaged couple Jon and his fiancee. I asked if they would like a couple of shots taken with the famous crescent behind them; the interaction between these two was just so sweet, I honestly could not have asked for a more delightful couple to meet and just loved hearing about their story.

This is what Jon had to say about taking his fiancee to Bath:

“Having studied at the University of Bath and worked in Bath for 7 years, it is for sure my second home with lots of memories. Bringing my fiancee here not only allows her to step into my memories, it also gives her a taste of the greatness of this city. It has long been my dream to show her what I had seen”

sarah Travers-ClarkComment