I’ve encountered some great products and tips being a wedding photographer, which I feel I should share with all brides to be. Maybe you have some tips and tricks to share? Get involved and share your wedding prep ideas, dilemmas and excitements on SAY’s Facebook discussion group:






These little gems are essential for those in your bridal party wearing heels. They protect your heels from sinking into the grass and ease walking on gravel or wooden floors.

Two brands I can recommend are “GoGo Heels” and “The Solemates” which can both be found on Amazon!


Create a spa environment



I know what it’s like to have a big day ahead, your mind is racing with excitement and you just can’t get to sleep. That’s when I turn to my aromatherapy defuser…

I can highly recommend “The Body Source” for the best, most affordable defusers from £29. Place it next to your bed on the night before your wedding and let the defuser create a relaxed spa environment, lulling you off to sleep. Put it on in the morning while having your hair and make-up done to also help you relax.


Vaseline for lips and sticky zips


I have encountered this one too many times. Many bridal dresses can be quite thick around the zip part and on occasion the zip can get stuck. The last thing you need is to be held up by a sticky zipper on your big day…

A great trick I learnt is to run some clear Vaseline on the zipper. It should not stain or leave an oily mark on your dress as wax or oil could.


As a wedding photographer lenses are not the only thing in my kit bag these days.



For women with thighs


I cannot rave about this product enough, if like me (and a lot of women) you don’t have a thigh gap, these Bandelettes are a perfect yet beautiful solution for you to wear under your wedding dress.

They stay in place and stop you from having horrid thigh rub. Not only that they look sexy as hell.

With shipping they range from around £18 a pair.